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Each year, a group of ambitious engineering students get together to put on a singing and dancing extravaganza. Complete with a full band and our unique interpretations of popular songs, the musical is an annual tradition in McMaster Engineering.

In September, we begin our process to recruit members to join the show. Week by week, the show is put together with students running the whole thing, from writing songs, to creating the script, building sets and playing music. And they have a great time while doing it.

Normally, the show is performed in a three day run each year; a Thursday, Friday, and Saturday run in mid-March. However, in light of current events surrounding COVID-19, we will releasing our show online this year! Stay tuned for more info!


I’m in my 8th year at McMaster, and I am enjoying my time now in civil engineering. This year I am the Director for the Mac Eng Musical! It will be my 8th Mac Eng Musical although only my 3rd year on cast! I was honoured to play a wonderfully rude Karen de Chienne in School of Eng in 2019 and am so excited to be continuing my involvement with both the musical and cast! I spent my first 5 years on the musical in the band playing the flute, which was so amazing I ended up being one of the band directors for Dr. Wonka in my 4th year.


Outside of the musical I am a retired competitive Irish Dancer and an avid enthusiast of Netflix and Chicken. I can’t wait to see what this year has in store for all of us!!


Howdy! My name is Veronika and I'm in my 4th year of Engineering Physics. I've been a member of the Mac Eng Musical for the past 4 years in the band, which is a great way to snag some front row seats to all the shenanigans happening on stage! This will be my 5th year involved with the show, and what better way to spend it than by being the Producer?! Musical is without a doubt one of the greatest highlights of my university experience. It's a one-of-a-kind experience, filled with wonderful people who I'm lucky enough to call my friends. When I'm not busy checking emails or making spreadsheets, I enjoy napping, trivia, pokemon go and playing games with pals!

Fun fact: Many moons ago I used to cry while I performed at piano competitions. Little 8 year old me would just be sobbing into the piano as I played beauty and the beast in front of an audience

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Assistant Director

Hello everyone! My name is Zachary and I am in my 4th year of Computer Engineering and Society! This year I am the assistant director and I am super excited! This will be my 4th Mac Eng Musical, and I have been on cast for my first 3 years. I played the narrator in Into The Arts Quad, Carlise in School Of Eng, and Alf A. Chad in The Engelorette. I love to act and have been involved in a lot of community theater outside of the Mac Eng musical. But no show tops the Mac Eng Musical! whether you like being behind the scenes, playing music, or acting and singer, the show is a great time and I encourage everyone to join! When I am not acting I am doing one of 2 things: yelling at the TV while watching sports (I would die for the Miami Dolphins), or breaking my body while trying to learn how to skateboard. 


Fun Fact: I have a very cute dog that is scared of thunder, so when there is a thunder storms we need to put this cute little shirt on him to calm him down.

Assistant Producer

Hey everyone! I’m Gillian and I am happy to be going into my third year of Engineering Physics, and even happier to be doing my third Mac Eng Musical! Musical has been such a huge part of my time here at Mac and I am extremely excited to be working with the amazing exec team as the assistant producer this year! I have been on cast for the past 2 years, and I played the very annoying, obnoxious April May June in the 2019 musical “School of Eng”. I love musicals a whole lot and I am very happy that we get to put on a fantastic show every year.


Apart from musical, I enjoy painting, swimming, and spending almost all my free time with friends. I am excited for another great year of the Mac Eng Musical!

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Crew Leader

Hey there! I'm Alexie! I'm the crew leader for this year's musical! My first Mac Eng Musical was Dr. Wonka in 2016, and I loved it so much, that I kept going back ever since! I've been on writing crew for three productions (Dr. Wonka, Into the Arts Quad, and School of Eng), and on crew for four (all aformentioned and The Engelorette! #PourOneOut4TheHomies)
My favourite part about the Musical is Theater Week. It's amazing to see everyone come together and turn the hard work they've put in all year into a fun-filled, entertaining performance! As this is my last production, I will miss all of this dearly :(


A fun fact about me is that I once had a hamster that lived for 5 years!

Production Manager

Michael is thrilled to be back with the Musical as the Production Manage in his seventh year involved in the show. His rolls have ranged from FOH (Front Of House) Audio Technician, to Production Manager and prop builder. He has worked and collaborated with exec and members over the years to help pull together the show from a technical aspect bringing his background in the live production industry.


When he’s not sending emails to sponsors, planning out production aspects, or building props, Michael enjoys listening to music, hiking, travelling, and going to the gym. Fun fact: one of his best friends had a dream that he was on cast and pretty good so watch out to see if he auditions for cast in his final year.

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Band Leader

Hi! My name’s Meghan and I’m one of the two band directors for the musical this year! I’ve been playing flute in the musical band since my first year, but I play quite a few other instruments as well in my spare time, including (but not limited to) piano, guitar, and sax. I can’t wait to see (and hear!) this year’s musical come to life for you all!


When I’m not making noise on an instrument, you can find me playing on the varsity tennis team, watching films (send me recommendations), supporting Manchester United, and speaking in an unironically bad British accent.

Band Leader

Hi! My name is Kevin and I’m thrilled to be one of the band leaders for this years show. I’m a third year B.Tech Automotive student who loves to play trombone. This year will be my third year in Engineering Musical and I am beyond excited to work with all my friends to make some sweet tunes. Outside of musical, my interests include working on my car (which never seems to run), playing piano, and camping.

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