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Each year, a group of ambitious engineering students get together to put on a showstopping spectacle of music, visual art, and technical expertise. Complete with a full band and unique interpretations of popular songs, the performance is an annual tradition in McMaster Engineering.

In September, the Executive team begins their process to recruit members to join the extravaganza. The show is entirely student-run! Week by week, members work on creating the joke-filled script, arranging and practicing the score, building larger-than-life sets and props, and singing and dancing their hearts out. Every week, with the promise of performance drawing closer, members create an exceptional piece of art, while forming bonds that will last a lifetime.


Normally, the show is performed in a three-day run each year; a Thursday, Friday, and Saturday run in mid-March. Due to COVID-19, our 2021 show was recorded online, and can be found under the tab “Watch the Engineer’s New Groove”.


Stay tuned for our annual theme announcement, coming soon!

Zach Headshot.jpg

Hello everyone! My name is Zachary and I am in my 5th year (co-op) of Computer Engineering and Society! This year I am the director and I am super excited! This will be my 5th Mac Eng Musical: I have been on cast for my first 3 years, and assistant director last year. I played the narrator in Into The Arts Quad, Carlisle in School Of Eng, and Alf A. Chad in The Engelorette. I love to act and have been involved in a lot of community theater outside of the Mac Eng musical. But no show tops the Mac Eng Musical! Whether you like being behind the scenes, playing music, or acting and singer, the show is a great time and I encourage everyone to join! When I am not acting I am doing one of 2 things: yelling at the TV while watching sports (I would die for the Miami Dolphins), or breaking my body while trying to learn how to skateboard. 


Fun Fact: I have a very cute dog that is scared of thunder, so when there is a thunder storm we need to put this cute little shirt on him to calm him down.


Hey everyone! I’m Gillian and I am happy to be going into my fourth year of Engineering Physics, and even happier to be doing my fourth Mac Eng Musical! Musical has been such a huge part of my time here at Mac and I am extremely excited to be working with the amazing exec team as the producer this year! I have been on cast for the past 3 years, and I played the very annoying, obnoxious April May June in the 2019 musical “School of Eng”. I love musicals a whole lot and I am very happy that we get to put on a fantastic show every year.


Apart from musical, I enjoy painting, swimming, and spending almost all my free time with friends. I am excited for another great year of the Mac Eng Musical!

Gillian Headshot
Assistant Director

I'm Alec and I'm in my fourth year of engineering physics and society. I am very excited to step into the role of assistant director this year. I've acted in several past musicals including Shane in School of Eng, Bluke Ryan in The Engelorette, and Chonk in The Engineer's New Groove. I have really enjoyed my time as an actor in the musical and I am very excited to do some directing.


I love theatre, acting, and film quite a bit and have been involved in various such clubs since high school, and I can honestly say that the Mac Eng Musical is the most show I have ever been in! I hope anyone reading this considers dedicating their time and talent to the musical, 'cause whether you can sing, play, dance, act, build, or gaffe, we would love to have you as part of our cult.

Assistant Producer &
Writing Crew Coordinator

Weewoo, I am in my 4th year of Mechanical Engineering and Society, and I am making my degree drag out as lonnnggg as possible by taking a co-op this whole year. I have been a part of the musical’s crew for 3 years now, and I have been on writing crew for 2 years. I am super stoked to be the Writing Crew Coordinator (again) and the Assistant Producer this year! I met literally all my friends at Mac through the musical, soooo I gotta say the ROI of this bad boi is pretty decent. Outside of the musical I spend my time eating popcorn, sleeping, skiing, playing softball and Magic the Gathering, and drawing mischievous things.


Fun Fact: Whenever I almost fall down the stairs my toes tingle for 2-5 seconds. So basically, I am Spiderman.

Crew Leader

Hi! I’m Alia! I’m in my 4th year of Mechanical Engineering and Society and I’m the Crew Leader for the musical this year! I’ve been a member of crew since my 1st year, so this will be my 4th musical! I’ve been on theatre crew for School of Eng and would’ve been on theatre crew for The Englorette (may she rest in peace). I’ve also been on writing crew for The Englorette and The Engineer’s New Groove. My favourite part of musical is building props with friends and watching how cardboard transforms the show.


When I’m not covered in paint and duct tape, I enjoy playing hockey and creating digital art 😊

Production Manager

Michael is thrilled to be back with the Musical as the Production Manager in his eighth year involved in the show. His roles have ranged from FOH (Front Of House) Audio Technician, to Production Manager and prop builder. He has worked and collaborated with exec and members over the years to help pull together the show from a technical aspect bringing his background in the live production industry.


When he’s not sending emails to sponsors, planning out production aspects, or building props, Michael enjoys listening to music, hiking, travelling, and going to the gym. Fun fact: one of his best friends had a dream that he was on cast and pretty good so watch out to see if he auditions for cast in his final year.

Stire Headshot.jpg
Band Co-Leader

Hello Sirs and Sir(r)ettes! My name is Dylan and I am in my 4th year of Engineering Physics and Society! After spending two years playing drums and percussion for the band, I'm ecstatic to be one of this year's band directors! In my past two years on musical, I've thoroughly enjoyed sharing in my love for music with other engineering students and banging away on the drums 😛. If there's something I've learned from musical, it was that the real musical are the friends and memories you make along the way (and Tims runs before practice).


If I'm not playing drums, you can catch me trying to learn piano and guitar, working out, or being a gamer with my buds. Fun fact: I have a multitude of very odd abilities, including but not limited to creating a trumpet sound with my mouth, solving a rubix cube, and a solid Kermit the frog impression. I also dabble in meditation and yoga (stretchy)

Band Co-Leader

Hello~! My name is Jeremy and I am very glad and excited this year to become one of the two band directors for this amazing musical production! I’ve been playing Oboe since before when I was 10 years old and have been in various music camps, chamber orchestras as well as bands. This will be my fourth year (co-op) in Mechanical Engineering and I can’t wait to hear the beautiful music when they come alive on the musical stage this year!!


Other than making music, my other hobbies include building models and gaming with trains, planes, battleships and cars (of course)! Feel free to reach out to me talking about things as I can be talking the whole day with them~

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