Each year, a group of ambitious engineering students get together to put on a singing and dancing extravaganza. Complete with a full band and our unique interpretations of popular songs, the musical is an annual tradition in McMaster Engineering.

Beginning in September, auditions are held and a cast is chosen. Week by week, the show is put together with students running the whole thing, from writing songs, to creating the script, building sets and playing music. And they have a great time while doing it.

The show is performed in a three day run each year; a Thursday, Friday, and Saturday run in mid-March. We look forward to seeing you then!


Born and raised in Indonesia, if someone had told Ray he would've grown up to be the Director of a musical club halfway across the world he wouldn't have believed them for a second. Yet here we are, and Ray is thrilled to be this year's Musical Director. He's been doing musicals all the way back since eleventh  grade, amounting to a total of seven shows, five of which have all been with the Mac Eng Musical. His biggest role was starring as Baxter, one of the leads of 'Into the Arts Quad'. In 2018-2019, he served as Assistant Director to Rebecca Lariviere, Director of 'School of Eng'. He absolutely loves musicals, especially the work that goes into them, including costuming, set design, script-writing, light & sound design and, of course, performing. 

Outside of musical, Ray takes on a variety of hobbies, from swimming, following professional chess, video games across a dozen genres, Dungeons & Dragons, Magic the Gathering and, his favorite, going out for karaoke.


Liz is thrilled to be back with the Musical as Producer in her fifth and final year. Having been a member of crew since her first year, she is now a certified expert in building elaborate set pieces out of cardboard and duct tape. Previously having served in the roles of Crew Leader and Assistant Producer, musical has been a large part of her undergraduate career at McMaster. While she's sad this is her last year, she can't wait for everyone to see the show!


When she's not sending emails or painting props, Liz enjoys travelling, writing, volunteering, and cheering on/crying over the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Assistant Director

I’m in my 7th year at McMaster, and I am enjoying my time now in civil engineering. This year I am the assistant director for the Mac Eng Musical! It will be my 7th Mac Eng Musical although only my 2nd year on cast! I was honoured to play a wonderfully rude Karen de Chienne in School of Eng in 2019 and am so excited to be continuing my involvement with both the musical and cast! I spent my first 5 years on the musical in the band playing the flute, which was so amazing I ended up being one of the band directors for Dr. Wonka in my 4th year.


Outside of the musical I am a retired competitive Irish Dancer and an avid enthusiast of Netflix and Chicken. I can’t wait to see what this year has in store for all of us!!

Assistant Producer

Hey baddies! My name is Veronika and I'm in my third year of  Engineering Physics  (eng phys best phys!!1!) I'm the Assistant Producer for this upcoming musical which I am SUPER excited about because it means I get to follow around my girl  Lizzy  for a WHOLE year wow!! I've been in the musical for three years as a member of the  band  which honestly is just an excuse to get front row seats to all the shenanigans that happen on stage lol. I enjoy napping, trivia, pokemon go and am trying to learn how to crochet this summer (stay tuned!).


Fun fact: Many moons ago I used to cry while I performed at piano competitions. Little 8 year old me would just be sobbing into the piano as I played beauty and the beast in front of an audience

Crew Leader

Hey there! I'm Alexie! I'm the crew leader for this year's musical, and I've been doing writing crew and crew for the past three years!


A fun fact about me is that I once had a hamster that lived for 5 years!

Production Manager

Hi! I’m super pumped to be the production manager for this year’s musical. My previous roles in musical include wireless tech and assistant production manager. My favourite part of musical is theatre week. I love getting to see the stage transformed from a blank canvas into our fantastic production all from the best seat in the house: the audio booth.


My latest obsession outside of musical is bouldering. For me, bouldering has a perfect combination of social, fitness, and problem-solving aspects that make it completely addicting.

Band Leader

Hello boops, I’m Shahaan and I’m one of the band leaders for this year’s show! I'm 1/2 of the team that oversees the music arranging process, organizes and runs band rehearsals, and generally ensures that our cast is provided with 2-3 rows of kickassery behind them during show week.  If you’re like me, you’ve discovered that in your case, music can change your mood, tingle your spine, understand your pain, speak where words fail, make you laugh, let you think, be sarcastic as FUCK, and so much more. We hope to tap into a bit of that, where appropriate, to provide for this year’s showgoers, while also tooting out some bops, bangers & classics to ensure a rock-solid diamond-cut space-grade good time for all!

Past experience: 2 years of sax-playing in MEM band! Contributing arranger for a song in last year's show.

I love playing sports (nothing beats hockey) and doing music in all shapes & sizes.

Band Leader

For those who don’t know me, I’m Matt Boettger. I played the keyboard in band for the last two years before becoming the new Band Director!


A fun fact about me is that I’m a wedding organist, so if you’re getting married, hit me up.

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