A Few Notes...

For the 2020-2021 show, our cast, band and writing crew have been selected. If you're still interested in joining the show, our crew and production sections are still taking members since their commitments start in January! Our crew will be creating props and digital art, and our production team will assist with recording songs and editing the audio & video into our final product! If you'd like to sign up you can do so HERE.

As a result of the ongoing pandemic, everything is being held virtually in the Fall and Winter terms. As a result of moving everything into a virtual environment. the roles and / or time commitments may be slightly different for some sections this year. Be sure to reach out to your section leader for any questions about this.

If you have any suggestions for us, by all means feel free to reach out! We'd be happy to hear it!


The band is a full orchestra including brass, woodwinds, strings, rhythm, and percussion. First semester is spent arranging songs from all types of genres with occasional meetings on Sundays with your arranging group. Second semester is spent rehearsing, with rehearsals on Sundays and some additional rehearsals on Saturdays as the show approaches. All instruments and all skill levels are welcome, and no prior arranging experience is required! Instruments can often be provided to band members at no additional cost. The band normally has 25 – 30 members.

Auditions are held in late September / early October virtually. Come prepared with two pieces of music of different genres. Expect some short sight reading and scales!

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The cast does the singing, the acting, the dancing, and brings the script and lyrics to life! First semester is focused on fun workshops and activities to get more comfortable with singing, acting, and dancing, as well as writing the lyrics for the songs in the show on Sundays! Second semester the script and roles are assigned, and preparation for the show begins with rehearsals on both Saturdays and Sundays. The cast normally has 20 – 25 members.

Auditions are held in late September / early October virtually. Come prepared with a monologue and a song (and be sure to show off any special talents you have)! We look for personality first, talent second! 


The crew designs and creates all the props and set pieces for the show. First semester there is optional song writing (with cast!) and opportunities to get to know all your new friends in musical. Second semester is when the designing, building, and painting of the props begins. Crew also helps backstage during show week with scene transitions, making sure everything runs smoothly. The time commitment is very flexible! Crew meetings take place on Sundays, and members are welcome to come and make props as their schedules permit. The most dedicated members will be given an opportunity to participate backstage during show week!

Anyone is welcome to join! No audition or application process is required! 

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Production includes audio techs, lighting crew, wireless tech, and camera people. Production focuses on making sure the lights, mics and filming of the show are spectacular. First semester there is flexible time commitment with optional song writing (with cast!) and opportunities to get to know all your new friends in musical. Second semester the production team joins in on painting props and preparing for theatre week with Crew on Sundays. During these meetings, dedicated members who show interest in production elements will be selected for the production team. These members will attend show week where all the lights and cameras are finally put to into action. Production normally has 10 – 15 members for show week.

Anyone is welcome to join as space permits! No audition or application process is required! Members interested in production will first sign up for crew and be selected during second term. 


The writing crew writes the fantastic script for the show, including dialogue, scenes, jokes and whatever the exec team won’t cut. The time commitment is only during first semester with writing sessions every Saturday (attendance is required) from mid October to early December. Everyone who is interested in writing is welcome to apply! The writing crew normally has 10 – 15 members.

To sign up there is a fun written application you can fill out with creative ideas which demonstrate your skills with writing and comedy! Applications are due at the end of September.