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Each year, a group of ambitious engineering students get together to put on a showstopping spectacle of music, visual art, and technical expertise. Complete with a full band and unique interpretations of popular songs, the performance is an annual tradition in McMaster Engineering.

In September, the Executive team begins their process to recruit members to join the extravaganza. The show is entirely student-run! Week by week, members work on creating the joke-filled script, arranging and practicing the score, building larger-than-life sets and props, and singing and dancing their hearts out. Every week, with the promise of performance drawing closer, members create an exceptional piece of art, while forming bonds that will last a lifetime.


Most years, the show is performed in a three-day run each year; a Thursday, Friday, and Saturday run in mid-March. Stay tuned for announcements about our 2024 show, TBA.

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Hello friends, fiends, and foes. My name is Maddy Mote and I am beyond excited to be the Mac Eng Musical's Director this year! Being part of the Mac Eng Musical has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. It has provided an essential creative outlet for me throughout my three years at Mac. Since I joined the MEM cast in my first year in...2020...I have grown and learned so much while making lifelong friends along the way! Last year, I had the honour of being the musical's Assistant Director for our production of Hamleng where I learned the essential skills to ensure we continue to surprise and impress our audience ;). It has been incredible to watch the talents and passions of my peers flourish. We have formed a close-knit community that supports each other and works together to create something beautiful, hilarious, and...unique. I couldn't be more proud of what this club has accomplished and am so excited to show you what we've got this year!

When I'm not busy with Director-y things, I like to think about the mac eng musical, write poetry dedicated to the mac eng musical, discuss the deeper meaning of the mac eng musical with myself or my friends or the general public, and add to my mac eng musical shrine.


...Is this thing on? 

 This will be my third (rule of three, anyone?) year as a member of MEM, and wow, time flies when you're having fun! In my first year, I was Phoebe Pendragon in Shreng, and last year, I was the Assistant Producer, Vocal Director, and a member of Crew and Ensemble in Hamleng! I am so excited to be taking on the role as "Producer" this year- hopefully I have method acted enough stressful situations to do a great job! I can't wait to help bring to life another amazing production with so many talented and dedicated people. 


Although I have only been in MEM for 2 years previously, I have been acting, singing and dancing since conception. Being in theatre has given me the opportunity to grow and thrive in a safe space while being able to watch many role models share their talents with the world. However, nothing compares to the community that can be found in this club. Everyone has something unique to offer, and that is what makes our performances so special! The friendships I have fostered and productions I have had a hand in creating will truly stick with me forever. 

Outside of musical, I ajojdjcakjfherfhjrewrjhgbwgweugqufgbqe and I also rjwirflikrhfwjhrjfwejkh. But, most importantly, I don't wear my glasses. I can't tell how many spelling mistakes I've made because of this, sorry. 

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Assistant Director

Hi intrepid heroes! My name is Miguel and I will be returning for my 3rd McMaster Engineering Musical as this year’s assistant director! I have had the wonderful opportunity to be a part of this club’s cultish cast as everybody’s favourite crystal bestie, Donda Key, in the spectacular Shreng during my first year, and as Sinba in last year’s tragedy-to-end-all-tragedies in Hamleng. Music has been a running theme throughout the course of my life, nerding out as a band kid on the tenor saxophone and harmonizing to radio songs and annoying my parents for hours on end around the house. Paired with my love for extremely dramatic PowerPoint presentations and highschool English classes, MEM has been the perfect outlet for finding my footing in this community! You’re here for a long time at McMaster, so you might as well make it a good time. I’m forever grateful to work with so many talented creatives (who I am graced to call my family) and cannot wait to continue finding our way home together through this odyssey we call engineering.

Besides my musical festivities, I balance out the rest of my school work procrastination with other clubs around campus! I love writing for the school’s student newspaper and living out my Pitch Perfect moment with McMaster’s A Cappella! I also enjoy playing some guitar and saxophone (told you I’m a band nerd) and rock climbing!

Assistant Producer  

I've been in the musical since my first year, and I've played the trombone the whole time! I actually heard about the musical back in high school, and binged all the old recordings of musicals' songs (at the writing of this, there are 40 views on 'Do You Hear the Students Sing' and I am at least half of those). Coming to Mac, I had already made up my mind I was going to join the MacEng Musical, and have been here ever since, never regretting it!


Outside of musical, I am also returning as the administrative director of the McMaster Marching Band for the second year. Back in high school I used to be an ice dancer, and have recently taken up ballroom dancing to connect back to that passion. On top of engineering, I also take French courses, hoping to get a professional French certificate once (if/when) I graduate. I'm also an unashamed fan of musicals, trombones, poodles, historical fiction novels, coffee, and crossword puzzles.

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Crew Leader


I am so excited to be crew leader for my fifth musical on the MEM crew! I've been a part of theatre crew since Shreng where I was also the assistant crew leader. I love bringing hilariously oversized props to life using only cardboard, paint and duct tape, as well as the people I've met along the way!

When I'm not creating indestructible cardboard entities, I love to knit, play music, and go hiking.

Co-Production Manager

I've been a part of MEM since my first year, I still remember seeing MEM at club fest and instantly knowing this club will be how I make my stage crew dream come true. I've been a part of The Engelorette, The Engineer's New Groove, Shreng, and Hamleng (2020-2023), all of which I've been part of Crew and Production Crew!! I was the Assistant Prod Manager in Shreng, and a co-prod manager for Hamleng! The atmosphere and the people here is amazing and constantly accepting of whoever you are. I've been able to meet so many amazing people here who share the same passions and honestly, if I could choose to do this all over again I wouldn't hesitate to say yes <3


Outside of musical I enjoy drawing, photography, badminton, video games, and listening to music! (send me recs! :D) I'm also the design coordinator for the B.Tech. Association (BTA), so you might see me floating around their events!

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2024 Musical Photo - Rebecca Street (1).png
Co-Production Manager

Hello and welcome to our humble Mac Eng Musical, my name's Rebecca and this will be my third show with MEM as part of the production crew! I'm super stoked to return as one of the production managers again after some fierce cable wrangling with Hamleng last year. Getting to operate lights for Shreng before that was an absolute highlight and I'm looking forward to keeping the magic going with my co-production conspirator for another year.

Sometimes I like to take the Mac Eng out of my musicals and listen to shows while I cook, go for runs, or make creations with my children's-sized sewing machine. I also like to spend my time reading and collecting absolutely too many books from the library.

Band Co-Leader

Hey! My name is Ethan and I am in my fourth year of mech and iBio. Hamleng was my first year in musical where I played bass guitar for the band. In addition to holding down the low end, I made my acting debut as water bearer during our prank show. I am incredibly excited to be co leading the band and cannot wait for everyone to hear us play! Band is a great way to continue being involved with performing or get back into it and it is an experience I cannot recommend enough!

Outside of musical, you will find me at the gym, at a concert, with my headphones on in my own little world or on the 6th floor of Mills.

IMG_1379 - Ethan Diana (1).heic
IMG_6473_Original - Maddy Rozic (1).jpeg
Band Co-Leader


I have been fortunate to be a part of musical since my second year as a bari sax player. I got to witness Shrekellini Ogreoni (idk spelling (don’t add that I just genuinely don’t know if I spelled that right)) take down the corrupt MSU president and then watch as Heidi Hammerschmidt came to important realizations thanks to Cootes Berries. Being in musical has been one of the highlights of my university career, not only because of my love of music but because if everyone I’ve been able to meet! Some of the best memories I have are centred around musical but aren’t necessarily IN musical. Going to Thode and “studying” at a table with musical people is a prime example! All in all, the MEM is a blast and I am so grateful to have been able to share with experience with so many lovely people!

Outside of musical, I enjoy being more musical and play in the Mac Concert Band! I also really enjoy my work in the Anatomy Lab as a prosector since anatomy is something I love and am passionate about. Nature is also pretty cool so going hiking is another thing I enjoy doing with friends :)

Writing Crew Coordinator 

Hello! I have been part of MEM for my 6 years at Mac and I love it so much and Im glad I've been able to be part of it for as long as I have! I've been on crew for all 6 years, and writing crew for 5 years. I've also been crew leader in the past, but this year I am writing crew coordinator!

Outside of musical I like to draw my favourite star wars characters, tell everyone i'm writing a novel, play hockey, and dye my hair pink!

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