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Join Benjamin Jover, a cynical 6th-year Electrical Engineering

student, as he joins forces with Lily Deez, the Dean of Engineering's daughter, to save their clubs from the Dean's office, academic advisors, and even the British. Together, they’ll  navigate university life, battle external foes, and embark on a journey of self-discovery in "BEETLEJOULES", a story of resilience, camaraderie, and staying true to one's true self.

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HAMLENG (2023)

Something is rotten in the Faculty of Engineering, and Heidi Hammerschmidt, an indecisive fourth-year who’s changed her stream eight times, doesn’t really care.  She is too caught up in her own goal of finding the ’perfect’ future for herself.  But when a revelation from an old friend exposes corruption all throughout the MES, Heidi resolves to take action.  Can she expose the new MES president for the fraud she is?  Will she overcome her self-doubts and launch into action?  Or will Heidi be once again defeated by her own neurotic perfectionism?

SHRENG (2022)

Shrekellini Ogroni is a degenerate engineer lurking in the swamp of Thode, feared by all the artsies due to her stench and bad bitch energy. That is, until the MSU closes Mills, forcing all of the artsies to invade Shrek’s sacred Thode cesspit... 


Infuriated by this, Shrek must travel to the MSU office, where she is joined by Donda Key, a loveable airhead who just wants to be her friend. Together, they must go on a journey to get the MSU President a girlfriend in order to get Thode back and free it from the communist fingers of the artsies. The journey will be perilous, but the only question is: will Shrek be able to get Thode back?

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Chadley Zuco has got it all. He is the President of the MES, the Spirit Lead of the coolest engineering car team at McMaster, Solar Concrete Tobajaha, and is adored by the masses. That is… until he isn’t. His egotistical ways combined with a series of unfortunate events during SAGM gets him in trouble, and soon Zuco finds himself mysteriously stripped of his fame, positions, and dignity. Worst of all, he has been exiled from engineering, and is now an arts student! Gross! On the brink of being expelled, he is now forced to work with the Engineering Jazz and Poetry Collective, a club who he’s previously wronged while MES President. His goal is to reclaim his former glory and restore his rightful place in Mac Eng, but some of his former subordinates are working around the clock to make sure that never happens! Zuco, alongside his new friends, will embark on a tough journey filled with EOHSS Officers, Paradise Catering, and Bird Enthusiasts, while learning the value of the arts and ethics along the way. Will Zuco learn from his mistakes? Will he, once again, reign supreme?


Emma Cee is a member of the largest engineering car team at McMaster - Solar Concrete Tobajaha - but she doesn’t get half the credit she deserves. Suddenly, she gets the chance to get a co-op at her dream company ROSE, a place where she might finally feel appreciated. However, the application process is anything BUT normal. She must beat eight other contestants in a competition branded as ‘The Engelorette’, a competition show hosted by the company. Judging it is none other than former SCT Captain Matt Fuckerberg, one of ROSE’s most promising new hires. Emma has some tough competition, the likes of which include her evil doppelganger, a research prodigy, and a country boy. Will Emma come out on top, or will she go home empty handed? Who will take home the internship of a lifetime? 



Danny Jacks is an engineering grad student with some big ideas, but even bigger problems. Kicked out of his own startup team, and struggling to pay rent, he has no means to bring his designs to life. When Danny is mistaken for his postdoc friend Arnie, he finds himself landing a high paying teaching position. But ‘Dr. Arnold Sneezley’ soon discovers the kids of MATH 2Z03 have some hidden talents, talents that could help him win the upcoming competition and blow his former team out of the water. Based on the hit film, School of Eng will show you how one eccentric engineer transforms a group of stressed out engineering students into a startup with attitude.


Based on the Broadway musical Into the Woods, in this McMaster Engineering Musical we follow the story of 5 groups of Engineering students whose lives twist and tangle in the most mysterious place at McMaster: The Arts Quad. Baxter and Emily are trying to get into their capstone course after being put on academic probation by Dr. Bella Donna, an Engineering professor who dreams of joining the faculty of Health Sciences and finally being recognized. Baxter and Emily must enter the stories of Ruby a bright-eyed first year engineering student, Cindy a new transfer student trying to fit in, Jackson an engineering student who has failed first year four times in a row, and Dr. Bella Donna’s research assistant, Marigold. Through a night of song and dance, the fates of these eccentric characters will be determined and they may find out that happily ever afters don’t always last for forever.


DR. WONKA (2017)

It’s her final year at McMaster, and Charlie just can’t seem to get her grades up. Despite tough classes and a lazy capstone group, Charlie makes the best of her time in Engineering by working hard and helping out friends. When the mysterious professor, Dr. Wonka announces an academic contest for a tour of his esteemed technology lab, Charlie finds new motivation to achieve for a chance to meet her hero. By a sweet stroke of luck, she and her best friend Jean are given the opportunity of a lifetime to see inside the lab with four other eccentric whiz kids…but will Dr. Wonka’s lab be as delightful as imagined, or will the tour take a sour turn for the students?


Herc is eager to begin his first year of Engineering at McMaster University. When he finds that he struggles to fit in with his peers, a mysterious encounter with the eccentric Dean of Engineering leaves him inspired to follow a new path. With his best friend Peggy by his side, and armed with some interesting facts, Herc sets out to become a True Engineer. Helping him along his journey is a bitter upper year student, who brings Herc from zero to hero in the face of monstrous midterms, mischievous TAs and an alluring artsie. Little do the students suspect that a more sinister threat is near. Togo Salmon, the Dean of Arts, wants nothing more than Eng to fall and Arts to reign supreme at McMaster. With only Herc in his way, Togo will stop at nothing to execute his plan. Can Herc go the distance and become a True Engineer, or will an interschool engineering competition leave Mac Eng in ruins?



Tilda (2015)

Snow White and the 7:1 Ratio (2014)

The Bounds of Music (2013)

The Eng King (2012)

The Whiz (2011)

Artsy and the Geek (2010)

Mathemadness (2009)

The Transducers (2008)

The Nightmare Before Exams (2007)

Hooke (2006)

How to Succeed in Engineering (Without Really Trying) (2005)
Alice Through the Optically Reflective Backside Metallized SiO2 Lens (2004)
Phantom of the Mac Eng Musical (2003)
Les Engineerables (2002)
The Wizard of Eng (2001)
West Quad Story (2000)
Jopko and the Amazing Technicolour Vector Space (1999)


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